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If you’re a Startup leader, Entrepreneur or Business Owner, you would know that quite often what takes a company from 0 to 1 isn’t what takes it from 1 to 10.

Effective Marketing plays a huge role in how your business is ‘perceived’ and interacted with by prospective customers. Your business can only grow so far with a myopic view of the present.

To expand and scale at a steady pace, you need to focus on attracting the ‘right’ customers.

Customer who are not only a great fit for your service and/or product offerings but also a great fit with your ultimate vision for your company.

Marketing today is about engaging potential customers with ‘deep dialogue’. This means telling stories, communicating your vision and displaying your core competencies in a way that inspires trust and partnership.

All Media today is ‘Digital’ and ‘Social’. All Marketing today is ‘Digital Marketing’. Gone are the times of differentiation between print media, digital media and mass media. The rise of the internet has rolled all marketing channels into one. The ever growing user base thanks to smartphones and smart devices ensures that this has come to stay.

Digital Marketing tools like plain old ‘SEO’ and Link building are now obsolete.

The way forward is ‘content’. Things are different now. Things are serious. Advanced AI algorithms can spot Black Hat/ Grey Hat SEO from a mile away and top companies are leveraging Data Driven Marketing to ensure they dominate search rankings perpetually.

Besides, what is the point on ranking your website for 100s of keywords all of which drive little to no traffic and quite often with conversion ratios less than 30%?

The easy way out is the simplest way out: Content is King! Plain and Simple. Focus on fewer keywords that are highly relevant with high volume and create a lot more ‘valuable’ content.

Create regular content that is consistently high on quality and target multiple mediums from Podcasts, Videos, Blogs and Ebooks & Webinars to Memes, Infographics and White Papers… and then syndicate them!

We do this and it doesn’t matter how when or why the AI algorithms change, you will dominate rankings even for the most high volume highly competitive keywords.

Social Media Marketing & Branding

Want to target social media channels to build a reputation and get more leads? Cool! We have your back. This is a great option for e commerce brands, influencers and designers, creative professionals.

Google Advertising Services

Want to run a campaign that gives lightening fast results that get your phone ringing and mailbox overflowing? Sure. Why not? From landing page design to campaign management, you’ll notice how we do things differently.

Traffic driven Search Engine Optimization

Well ‘SEO’ like we all knew it is dead. The new avatar of this popular service is still focused on ranking you for top keywords but it will be focused more on driving traffic and generating organic leads. Give us 6 months and we will put you on top for some of the most competitive high traffic high volume keywords.

My team literally got bunch of leads each day only due to your strategies online and offline. You came up to us as a helping hand who prepared the business marketing strategy as per my business goals.

Himanshu Katyal, Tripastic Travels & Hospitality Private Limited

Everything you ever imagined for your business is possible.

Our job is to help you take your business to the next level.

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