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Founded in 2017, based in South Delhi, in a vast sea of marketing companies, Coachkaushal is a registered MSME that seeks to distinguish itself as a company centered around empowering Entrepreneurs and transforming businesses.

We are equally focused on providing the best quality Digital Marketing and Advertising Services as much as we are focused on empowering business leaders with essential knowledge to help them run their businesses better.

Over the past 4 years we have serviced clients across diverse verticals with diverse needs, across the globe.

Not only have we coached Entrepreneurs running small businesses and empowered them with the necessary knowledge and tools through our Executive courses, we have helped startups around the world, scale their businesses and managed high value search campaigns in the retail segment.

While we have been lucky to have been able to be associated with companies in niche businesses, we have focused equally hard on providing the best value and performance to companies in highly competitive verticals such as Travel, Property and Engineering.

Our focus is always on looking at Marketing as an Art form while also understanding that it is an extremely technical one at that.

Most digital marketing agencies look at SEO and Google Ads in the same way a mechanic looks at parts of car or a factory owner looks at parts on the assembly line.

We look at the process of building, designing and running a marketing campaign like a sculptor would look at a block of marble and have the patience, skill, foresight, experience, vision and technique to chisel out something stunning.

We believe anything that is worth doing is worth doing beautifully and with the outmost quality that makes the client go Wow!

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Key Members

Jay Kaushal is a Google Certified SEM specialist with a double PG in Marketing & International Business.

Chandrika has over 15 years experience in Project Management and Data Analytics.
Komal is a Facebook certified Social Media Advertising specialist with a background in Creative Design & Fine Arts.

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