Leadership Development

Leadership Development is about honing and exhibiting your people skills in a way that opens you up to better opportunities in your career.

Yes the dictionary meaning of leadership development is probably different but we all know that in today’s day and age that is where it is most relevant.

Even if you’re a spiritual guru, you know that you need to be tech savvy and possess good oratory skills to be able to build a large following. More responsibility and trust comes with a development in your leadership potential.

Even if you are a cobbler, having good public dealing skills can be a huge plus point that puts you ahead of your peers. Similarly, it doesn’t matter even if you are an IIT or MIT graduate software engineer, if you lack the critical communication skills as a Project Manager, you are a liability for the entire development team.

The person who has the necessary skills to put his ideas across is the person who ends up building the biggest ideas in his life time.

Having the necessary interpersonal skills is very important to be able to put your ideas across to other people who can give you opportunities or assist in your life goals.

After much research, we have developed 5 modules of necessary leadership skills which cater, broadly speaking to the 5 skills most important in building influence.

These 5 modules relate to:

  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Health & Wellness
  • Knowledge & Learning
  • Time Management

Everything from thinking the right way for the job at hand to using the right words, reading the right books, knowing where to look for knowledge on further development, is a part of charismatic business leadership.

People don’t realize that the difference in reading speed itself is a huge differentiating factor between them and their competitors!

What is your average reading speed? Have you ever calculated it?

If you have and it is 600+, awesome!

However, if you have never calculated your reading speed and/or it is less than 500, you can do a lot better just by raising your reading speed to 600+.

Many motivational speakers and trainers repeat the age old wisdom that ” The easiest way to be better than the competition is to work harder than the rest. “

No doubt about that but the right coaching can considerably reduce the amount of struggle because your weaknesses become more readily visible to you.

Someone who reads 200 words per minute can read for 10 hours a day and he will still have read barely half of what someone with a reading speed of 600 would read in 7 hours a day.

Technique is critical to beat the competition and hard work is critical to ensure you stay sharp and you stay ahead.

If you are working 3 or 4 times as hard as your competition, for sure you will succeed in the end. However, if you lack the power of knowledge that can considerably reduce the period in which you are still ‘searching for answers’, you find that things can move a lot faster.

This is a select offering with a limited intake so as to enable us to maintain a high level of quality and support both in our service as well as the outcomes.

Each module of the program will be taught by a different corporate trainer/ coach with a high level of knowledge and expertise in the area of the module they handle. So as part of the program, you will be interacting with 5 different coaches/ trainers who are experts in their field.

Course Details:

  • This online personality development course is taught in a ‘batch based’ format.
  • A maximum of 5 students constitute a single batch.
  • The total course duration is 7.5 hours, taught in 5 lectures of 90 minutes each over 5 consecutive week days.
  • New batches every Tuesday.
  • Registration for each new batch closes the preceding Friday.

All participating ladies and gentlemen are expected to abide by our classroom code of conduct as detailed in our service policies. The course modules as well as learning objectives and outcomes shall be emailed to you upon registration during the pupil on-boarding process.

Fee: INR 32000 25000 per month.
If paying by PayPal: USD 353 per month

To register please fill out the form below:

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