Promotional Exhibitions & Events

Participating in Exhibitions & Events is probably the oldest and still one of the most effective ways to drive interest and engagement.

A single well organized Corporate Event online or offline, can garner more engagement & demand than a month of advertising.

Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution has conditioned our nervous system to be naturally averse to pain. Pain here doesn’t necessarily mean ‘physical’ pain.

In fact, the practical expression of ‘pain’ in our life has more to do with the emotional and psychological aspects of pain perception. People tend to avoid activities that give them stress, worry and uncertainty. Most people tend to pick up careers that can merely help them ‘get by’ in life. Most people put the reward of their immediate comfort over long term rewards such as greater security and better lifestyle.

Imagine then how ‘painful’ it is to get someone to change their habits and preferred products/ services.

Exhibitions and Promotional Events although seemingly expensive, are very effective ways to engage your target consumers and allow them a sneak peak of your brand.

Not only does conducting Corporate Exhibitions and Seminars make for good press, it makes for a great opportunity to gain first hand knowledge about what your target consumer base is looking for.

You get a first hand opportunity to interact with and understand the needs of your clients and feedback about your product/ service.

We at Coach Kaushal can help you with the following:

  • Training your representatives on the critical skills required for dealing with interested customers.
  • Conducting surveys and studies during the course of the exhibition.
  • Ensuring sufficient footfall to your exhibition stall/ booth.
  • Preparing necessary marketing collateral for promotion during the course of the exhibition/event/expo.
  • Planning engaging activities for attendees to the exhibition/expo to drive interest and engagement in your brand.

Exhibitions, Corporate Events & Expos are a gold mine of critical knowledge about your target consumer base. Coach Kaushal strives to ensure a profitable outing for your company.

The thing to understand here is if you as a company shy away from the publicity and recognition that exhibitions provide, pretty soon you will begin to concede market share to competitors who actively take part in these events.

It is a misconception that organizing corporate events is an expensive task. With the right planning and research that an experienced agency can provide, not only can you start small but ensure every event is ‘profitable’ and recovers your investment.

A simple ‘meetup’ organized in a co working space or cafe if organized well, can ensure a world of publicity, enquiries and RFPs from potential clients than you can imagine!

The solution lies in reconditioning your perspective towards ‘events’. Even with the current corona situation, the scope is endless.

Whether your C level staff participate or your general staff or the entire organization, Whether you prefer Hindi or English as the delivery medium, we can promise you that after we organize a single event for your company, you will want to organize one at least every quarter.

With the world opening up to Webinars, Online Launches and Facebook Parties, the scope and budget for organizing live events is endless.

During the course of recovery from the current pandemic, large film production houses have organized online movie launches. Companies like Apple have organized Online Product Launches and Influencers have hosted online parties and even DJ sessions attended by thousands at a time!

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