Need More Sales?: A quick Sales handbook for Business Owners, Founders & Entrepreneurs

“Need More Sales?” is part of the ‘Scale Your Business’ series written especially for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners.

Globally, times are uncertain and yet the global Micro Small & Medium Enterprise segment is bustling with activity like never before!

Large enterprises have lost the domination over the market like they once gripped so tightly. The new rules of business demand of enterprises to be nimble, agile and adaptable.
As businesses becomes more cautious and cost conscious, it turns out having small teams with a high level of internal communication and cohesion gives startups an edge over large enterprises.

New companies driven by ambitious teams are able to provide superior quality for a fraction of the price and delivery time.

However, the biggest challenge any growing faces is ‘Predictable New Business’. What this means is, for any small or medium business to stay afloat and scale, a constant stream of new business is required.

Depending for too long on a single marketing channel or source can be perilous in volatile world scenario.

As an Entrepreneur, Startup Founder or Business Owner if you’re fighting hard to adapt to the unpredictable times, it’s your opportunity to reminisce that “Chaos is not a pit. Chaos is a ladder”.

This book is meant to serve as a very quick Sales and Marketing Guide for the C Level Executives of any MSME.

Everything you need to know about leading Sales and Marketing from the front and opening new channels of revenue in less than 30 mins.

Also included are industry examples, caste studies and citations of some of the best articles published in some of the most respected journals around the World.

We are running a FREE promotion for this book until 9 October 2021.

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