Sales Marketing for Business Leaders

No matter how good someone is, nobody knows your business better than you.

Promote yourself. Engage your clients. Build more Connections.

You are the most important element of your business

No Digital Marketer, Content Writer or PR expert can tell the story of your business like you can. Yes they may be more consistent at it and know how to market better but your content is the magic ingredient.

With this course you will learn how to…

1. Write a blog in 15 mins.
2. Make a PRO video in 10 mins.
3. Create a newsletter in 30 mins.
4. Use the right hashtags
5. Use the right keywords

Engage clients to learn how and where to improve.

No customer service professional, no client servicing wizard can ever derive as much understanding from interacting with your clients as you can. We procrastinate valuable feedback because we lack energy for the effort.

With this course you will learn how to..

1. Create an email survey in 90 seconds.
2. Engage clients through your social media.
3. Build a genuine following across mediums.
4. Get more repeat business.
5. Reduce your sales cycles.

Build more connections and crack bigger deals.

There’s a meetup taking place everyday. You just aren’t joining in. Nobody can bring you across the right allies for your business like you can. Not even your highest paid Sales Rep. Sales is the pulse of your business. Lead from the front.

With this course you will learn how to…

1. Effortlessly make 15 cold calls a day. (And love it.)
2. Find competent people willing to work on a commission only basis.
3. Improve your conversion rates.
4. Run effective sales offers.
5. Run Ads like a pro.

Lead your marketing with just your smartphone.

Due to the one-on-one module of coaching, learner intake is limited. You are invited to register before registrations close. As of Q4 2021, this course is being taught by Jay Kaushal

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